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Natural, delicious food that tastes like home!

All natural, organic and substainable food can now arrive at your doorstep. Order now to receive our special new customer special price!  Use this handy CODE: WRAPCHIX20

Quality Ingredients

Non-GMO, Organic Sustainable Ingredients

SustiBowl offers our nutritious and tasty meals as well as the convenience of our community Vegan bakery and restaurant partners.

Balanced Meals

Low-Cal and Healthy

SustiBowl delivers the best Vegan options from our kitchen and your favorite local restaurants! Wish you had something you don't see? Let us know at

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Order On the Go

SustiBowl brings delicious vegan goodness right to your office desk or home doorstep! We know you have limited time but food is your source of energy, get premium fuel for your body at home or on the go.

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Doorstep Delivery

We deliver whenever you're hungry on the run, at home or deliver weekly meals if you like to meal plan for fitness or weight loss.

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Try Today's Delivery Specials or Order Our Weekly Wrap Subscription Vegan Meal Plans

"Zushi" Rolls

Try our Southern Zucchini Dill Rolls made with non-dairy vegan ingredients. Many varieties with rice options. You can't eat just one! Low cal and enjoyable!

Healthy Vegetarian Burger

Veggie Burgers &

Yummy Crispy Bowls

All of our Meatless Veggie Burgers and Healthy Wrap Bowls are crispy fresh and and certified organic.

Hot Water Corn Bread

Our soon to be famous delicious

Hot Water Spicy Corn Bread has an southern flair that is out of this world! You'll even like it dipped in cold almond milk!


Wrap Chix's

Seasonal ingredients make all the difference

At Wrap Chix seasonal ingredients make all the difference. We  purposefully rotate our menus based on season so that we can serve the very finest and fresh organic ingredients for each dining season.


Don't Worry...
We are on the way!

We are delivery kings of the UberEats, GrubHub and DoorDash vegan and non-gmo dining lifestyle. Order our vegan dishes by weekly subscription or One Night Only Specials from our local kitchens and your local vegan bakeries and restaurants. Your Pick! We're here to help you be happy and healthy and you'll never find yourself bored with your meals or left on your own and hungry again...We're here for you, when you order with us, we treat you and feed you like family!


Wrap Chix Local & Weekly Food Delivery


Same-Day delivery
All over San Francisco, New York, Miami & Atlanta

Mon - Fri: 11am - 10pm​
Sat - Sun: 11am - 12am

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